Mayor Adams Presents a $99.7 Billion Budget to Create “Safety and Abundance” in NYC

Mayor Adams Presents a $99.7 Billion Budget to Create “Safety and Abundance” in NYC

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams presented his first Executive Budget, which accounts for a record $99.7 billion spending plan for the 2023 fiscal year, while he also touted the accomplishments of his first 100 days in office.

While speaking to an audience of hundreds at Kings Theater on Flatbush Avenue, the mayor said, the city’s budget “reflects the city's values” and “reveals his vision to create a "city with safety and abundance."

The four areas on which Adams said he will focus on are: “protecting our people, growing our economy, uplifting our youth, and building our infrastructure.”

“Our new budget reflects those values and provides for them,” the mayor said. “This budget puts people, especially those, who have been left behind: front and center."

Among Mayor Adams announcements were significant investments to create more affordable housing for both working people and to provide support and shelter for New Yorkers who are homeless.

Other investments including providing the NYPD, which has already taken 2,300 guns off the streets this year, with everything they require to keep New Yorkers safe.

“Safety, jobs, schools, and housing: sounds simple,” said the mayor, who then called his plans, “radical practical.” 

Mayor Adams did not only address on what he will spend, but “despite the massive shocks to the city in the past two years, our city enters fiscal year 2023 on strong financial footing.”

The mayor said the city’s savings, which came from New Yorkers’ tax dollars, of almost $2 billion across two fiscal years is the “result of effective planning and fiscal responsibility.”

In addition, since the mayor released the 2023 budget preliminarily in February, the city has seen additional increases in revenues and “found opportunities to roll federal funds into the next fiscal year to address our most urgent challenges.”

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