Miracles in Beis Hatalmud as Ceiling Collapses in Dining Room

 Yeshiva Beis Hatalmud, the legendary transplant of the Mirer Yeshiva in Bensonhurst, was the site of tremendous Nissim this afternoon—when the ceiling in the lunchroom collapsed, at the precise location where bachurim had been eating lunch only moments before.

 Rabbi Yisroel Rand, the yeshivas’ kitchen manager, spoke with Boropark24 in the moments following the harrowing events from which he was fortunate to escape practically unscathed.

 “At 2:45 this afternoon, I was cleaning up from lunch, with only two bachurim remaining in the dining room, and I heard raindrops in the room—which was strange. Suddenly, everything came crashing down, and I got trapped into a corner of the dining room with two bachurim, and we were blocked by the locked kitchen door. Some of the ceiling landed on my head, and I managed to shield the two other fellows to save them. In the meantime, I felt the pressure of the ceiling as it hit me on my head. When the dust cleared, I was able to get the door open and we escaped through the back.”

 “It was a neis this happened at the end of lunch, when not many people were in the dining room, and it was a neis that no one was seriously hurt,” he added.

 FDNY was at the scene, ensuring that the entire building was safely evacuated.

 The cause of the collapse remains unclear, however, it is likely that the excessive rain in the last twenty-four hours was a factor in bringing down an already decaying ceiling.

 The building has been deemed safe for occupation, and second Seder is in full force—presumably with an added feeling of gratitude for the miracles they have just experienced—as we write these lines. 

Photos by: Dovid Jaroslawicz - BP24

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