More Updates Coming To 13th Ave

More Updates Coming To 13th Ave

By Idy Perl

As previously reported on BoroPark24 here, here, and here, 13th Avenue has been seeing a lot of changes the lasts few months, with multiple stores closing and new ones taking their place.

Today, BoroPark24 is here to share with our readers another few updates that have recently been announced, which will further change 13th Avenue in the coming months. 

One exciting update is the overhaul Ari's Food Center has recently undergone. This store has been standing by 45th St and Fort Hamilton since anyone can remember and has now completely rebranded and redone their storefront to provide their loyal customers with service even better than before. The grocery, now called "Spot Kosher Market" is said to be the right spot for all groceries, with great prices and extraordinary personal service.

Country Bagels, which opened a few years ago on 41st St and 13th Avenue as a branch of Fallsburg Bagels in the mountains, has announced that they will be moving to the Upstate temporarily for the Summer and be back in Boro Park after the Summer. A sign on the closed shop reads "We will be temporarily closing our Boro Park location. Looking forward to an amazing summer season upstate. We will be open for Shavous in the country."

Don’t despair though, a new bakery is coming to 13th Avenue soon! Crave Sourdough, which is now open only in Williamsburg, is bringing their famous sourdough goodies to Boro Park. The opening date has not yet been confirmed but is expected to be announced soon at their upcoming location on 13th Ave and 55th Street.

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