MTA Continues to Require Masks on the Subway and Bus

MTA Continues to Require Masks on the Subway and Bus

As thousands travel daily on the various modes of transport offered by the MTA, the agency and Governor Cuomo are continuing to require face coverings months into the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, the MTA is seeing good compliance with most riders wearing masks.  

MTA Chief Communications Officer Abbey Collins replied to a reporter on Twitter saying that, “On buses we see 96% compliance. Subways has remained around 90%.”

In a separate interview on NY1, MTA Chairman Pat Foye said that “The news to our riders is you're not welcome on public transit if you're not wearing a mask, period…Public health officials agree that the single most important thing all of us can do is to wear a mask, that is true on public transit. It's good for the rider, it's good for his or her co-commuters, and it's good for MTA employees.”

In fact, Chairman Foye took matters into his own hands and went out on the 7 line to distribute masks to riders as seen in the photo above.

On days when riders do not see the MTA Chairman on their subway car if they need a mask, they can ask any station booth operator who will happily give them one.

 Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

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