MTA To Restore F and C Train service, Congestion Pricing May be Just Months Away

MTA To Restore F and C Train service, Congestion Pricing May be Just Months Away

By Yehudit Garmaise

     When the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) reduced service on the F and C trains, the Transit Workers Union (TWU) Local 100 filed a class-action lawsuit the against the agency.

    Claiming that MTA reduced subway service without having first holding public hearings as required under the New York State Public Authorities Law, the TWU charged that the MTA’s reductions in service were illegal. 

   But now that the MTA has received $15 billion from the federal government in COVID relief, Sarah Feinberg, the agency’s interim transit president, announced the restoration of full F and C train service, which have been running on reduced schedules since last spring.

  By early May, F trains are expected to increase their runs from every eight minutes to every four minutes during rush hour, however the resumption of full C line service “may take longer,” an MTA representative said.

   A longtime advocate for New Yorkers to choose bicycling and riding mass transit over driving, Mayor de Blasio said today, “The future of New York City is mass transit.” 

   The mayor was pleased to hear when a reporter informed him that the U.S. Department of Transportation “just cleared the way for the environmental assessment of congestion pricing,” which is a plan to discourage drivers by charging them for traveling to or within congested business districts in Manhattan during rush hours. 

   The considerable revenue that can be raised by congestion pricing will not just disincentive drivers but is expected to benefit the MTA.

   “Having a reliable revenue source for mass transit source is going to make a huge difference for everyday New Yorkers,” Mayor de Blasio said this morning at his press conference. “This is the way we are going to know our subways are going to be running on time, going to be safe, this is what we need.”

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