New Official NYC Garbage Bin Unveiled by Mayor Adams

New Official NYC Garbage Bin Unveiled by Mayor Adams

By Idy Perl

Mayor Adams is tackling NYC’s garbage problem head on. 

After ceremoniously rolling out the garbage and recycling bins of Gracie Mansion, Adams announced the new official NYC Bin. The NYC Bin comes equipped with wheels, a secure cover, and NYC branding on its side. The bin is the cheapest garbage can that’s on the market now, selling for just $45-$53 depending on the size. 

In addition, Adams announced a proposal for a new rule requiring all building with 1-9 residential units or buildings receiving DSNY collection to put their trash bags in bins. This would reduce the piles of garbage bags that currently fill NYC streets, hopefully improving the rodent issue that NYC struggles with. 

“Today, we are tossing even more black bags into the dustbin of history and taking the next step forward in our ‘Trash Revolution,’” Mayor Adams said in front of Gracie Mansion. “The first-ever, official NYC Bin is high-quality, affordable, and will build on our efforts containerizing more than 70 percent of the city’s trash to protect our most valuable and limited resource — our public space.”

The NYC bin is available online here.

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