New ‘Vinderkind’ on Shelves Now

New ‘Vinderkind’ on Shelves Now

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With the new month of Kislev comes a spectacular new edition of the Vinderkind magazine and USB, on store shelves now. This edition—like all Wunderkind packages—is jam-packed with content for reading and listening., delivered by top-notch singers and storytellers. 

It is no wonder that the product has taken the world of the Tinnokos Shel Bais Rabban by storm. 

The Kislev edition is Chanukah-themed, aimed at preparing the children for the upcoming Yom Tov, featuring: 

1. Young Chashmona’i: bringing to life the story of a young boy in the times of Chanukah

2. The judge who was thrown out: The fascinating story of Yiftach Hagiladi  

3. The paid Menorah: A dramatic story, accompanied by music and sound effects 

4. Trained elephants: A renowned animal expert tells how elephants are trained

5. A campaign in Cheder: A humorous play about a campaign which did, or did not succeed. 

6. Yes, you can! A beautiful song that teaches about good middos. 

7. Grabbed a hitch: Travel along with a renowned storyteller as he teaches about common halochos, pertinent in daily life.

8. The Nazi Dreidel: A riveting true story accompanied by a dramatic play. 

Grab your edition of Vinderkind today, and enrich the lives of your children all month!

Call 718.517.8310 or visit

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