News Roundup: A Fire Breaks out in Spring Valley; A Lakewood Father of Five Tragically Killed in Car Crash and more

A Fire Breaks out in Spring Valley; No Injuries Reported

A fire broke out on the 6th and 7th floor of an apartment building on Liberty Parkway in Spring Valley at around 1:00 pm Wednesday with plumes of smoke and flames blazing through the roof.

The flames quickly spread through the hallways, trapping multiple people inside the building.

Fortunately, the Spring Valley Fire Department arrived quickly and rescued the stuck people through the balconies and fire escapes. 

A search was conducted and so far no injuries were reported.

A Lakewood Father of Five Tragically Killed in Car Crash

Lakewood experienced a heartrending loss today when R’ Feivel Mandel, 33, and father of five, was tragically killed in a devastating car crash.

The victim was executing a turn when a speeding vehicle slammed into his car. The victim was expelled from the car on impact. 

R’ Feivel was originally from Brooklyn and learned in Yeshiva Torah Temimah before coming to Lakewood.

Nissim: Group of 18 Ukrainian Jews Saved due to Mix-Up

A group of Ukrainian Jews was miraculously saved when a mix-up occurred with their escape plan. Chabad shluchim had arranged for two Ukrainian Jewish groups to escape the war zone in Ukraine. One group was set to leave on Monday and the other group was prepared to go Tuesday. 

By hashgacha pratis the second group ended up going first hours before the building in which they lived was shredded to bits by an explosion.

Sometimes Hashem performs miracles in the form of a mix-up.

Brooklyn's First Luxury High-Rise Building Towers in the Sky

Are luxury skyrise buildings heading to Brooklyn? After five years of construction in Downtown Brooklyn, JDS Development Group has nearly completed the city’s first and only tower outside of Manhattan that is defined as “supertall.”

The 1,066-foot Brooklyn Tower, offers “stunning, sky-high views,” according to the New York Times. The units at the massive structure, which is located on 9 DeKalb Ave, will be sold at prices as high as the building goes.


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