News Sparks: Waukesha Police: Suspect Intentionally Drove SUV into Crowd of People; Gov. Hochul Leads 2022 Polling; and More

News Sparks: Waukesha Police: Suspect Intentionally Drove SUV into Crowd of People; Gov. Hochul Leads 2022 Polling; and More

Waukesha Police: Suspect Intentionally Drove SUV into Crowd of People, NYC Mayor Says No Credible Threat for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

After 39-year-old Darrell Edward Brooks, who had just reportedly left a domestic disturbance, intentionally drove his SUV yesterday afternoon, through barricades and into a holiday parade in suburban Wisconsin: tragically killing five people and injuring 48, Mayor Bill de Blasiosaid the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving parade will go on as usual, and the NYPD will ensure all safety and precautions are taken.

“It's tragic and horrible what happened in Wisconsin, but I will tell you, the NYPD for years and years, has planned for very careful security around the parade,” the mayor said. “It's something we talk about the night before, we give an update every year on what's going on, and very meticulous efforts have been made to prepare.” De Blasio added that there’s “no credible and specific threat to New York City” at this moment.

Gov. Hochul Leads 2022 Polling for Governor Race 

Gov. Kathy Hochul leads the field of those running for governor in the upcoming 2022 elections, a new poll finds, and maintains a healthy lead in a head-to-head matchup against current Attorney General Letitia James who announced her run last week, Politico reported, citing a Data for Progress poll.

Gov. Hochul leads James with 39% of support to 24%, while other candidates and potential candidates all score in the single digits, including Public Advocate Jumaane Wiliams at 9%, Long Island Rep. Tom Suozzi at 7%, and Mayor Bill de Blasio at 5%. 16% of respondents are undecided, the poll finds.

Illinois Yeshiva Students Return Money Strewn on City Street

For two Illinois Yeshiva Bochurim, an opportunity to make a Kiddush Hashem showed up at their feet, literally, last week, when cold hard cash was strewn across the city street in front of their eyes on Thursday morning, after it fell from an armored truck, without the driver noticing.

While the two initially tried to give the money to a passerby who was grabbing some of the cash, they realized that he was just someone trying to steal, and then noticed the armored vehicle parked across the street outside a Bank of America. 

“I thought the right thing was to give it back to the p[people that actually, it’s their money,” one of the students, Coby Kamish said. “This is the best day of my life, initially,” the second student Zev Goldstein said. “Yeah, I wish it could happen a second time.”

Israel Arrests 50 Hamas Members in Major West Bank Terror Cell Bust 

Israeli scurity forces announced on Monday the arrest of over 50 members of the Hamas terror group, in what the Shin Bet said was a months-long effort to stop the terror group from committing terror attacks on Israeli civilians.

In videos and photos released, Israeli security officials showed the Israeli army detonating explosives that were collected and built in the terror cells. “The terrorist cell possessed many weapons and explosives meant to kill civilians, including cartridges, ammunition, and an explosive belt,” the IDF said.

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