No Credible Threat Following Rumors

No Credible Threat Following Rumors

By BoroPark24 Staff

False rumors circulating on various social media platforms have sparked concern with a disturbing message indicating a potential mass shooting in New York City.

The message, attributed to an individual, ominously predicts "one of the worst days in the history of New York City" and outlines plans for an attack in Times Square. The individual claims to be armed with dangerous weapons and intends to livestream the event on social media.

Furthermore, he brazenly disclosed his residence address on 80th Street in Brooklyn, NY, which lies in close proximity to Boro Park. Upon visiting the address, BoroPark24 found no evidence of any individual matching the name provided in the mentioned social media message.

Additionally, there are reports suggesting that this message originated as far back as 2016, leading to questions about its credibility.

BoroPark24 contacted NYPD Deputy Chief Richie Taylor, who provided the following statement: "I can confirm that the NYPD Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureau is actively investigating the situation. At this time, there is no credible threat to the Jewish community or any community in New York City."

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  • May 28 2024
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