NWS Warns of Potential Flash Floods, Emergency Management Issues Travel Advisory

NWS Warns of Potential Flash Floods, Emergency Management Issues Travel Advisory

    With a total of 2 inches to 4 inches of rain on its way to drench New York City, the National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch that begins tonight at 8pm and runs through 5pm tomorrow.

     “A Nor’easter is about to hit our area,” reported weather enthusiast Yaker Bigeleisen. “The rain will start this evening and pick up in intensity by tomorrow morning, when we will see heavy rain through the day and later in the afternoon.

     “Strong winds are expected to blow at 40 to 50 mph, with gusts up to 60 plus miles per hour.”

     Although rainfall is expected, this morning, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the wet weather “does not seem like a major event.”

     “This is not the kind of super-intense rain we have seen previously,” the mayor said. “We are expecting a total of between two and four inches of rain between now and Tuesday.

     “That is a small amount a rain spread out between two days, but we will have a flash flood watch up that we will constantly update.

     The city will remain hypervigilant to watch for any changes, the mayor said.

     The heavy rainfall, likely, will impact both the morning and evening commutes, and the city’s Emergency Management has issued a travel advisory.

     Although the rain likely will not be overwhelming, it may cause flooding in the city, including on highways, streets, underpasses, as well as other poor drainage or low-lying spots,” said Andrew D’Amora, the acting commissioner of the NYC Emergency Management. “New Yorkers should give themselves additional travel time and take the appropriate precautions if they must move about the city during the storm.”

     “If you see an area that seems flooded, please stay out of it,” the mayor reminded New Yorkers.

     The peak of the oncoming storm will be tomorrow afternoon, informed Mr. Bigeleisen, who warned that Boro Parkers should be aware of falling trees and clogged sewers.

     “The weight caused by the drenched leaves that remain on the trees could lead to trees snapping from the wind,” Mr. Bigeleisen warned. “Also, when the wind blows off the leaves, the sewer gets clogged and that leads to more flooding.”

      In addition, New Yorkers should try to keep off the roads, he said: especially at the times of peak rainfall, which are tomorrow morning and afternoon.

     “Power outages are expected,” Mr. Bigeleisen said, “especially in vulnerable areas that lose electricity easily.

     The storm will be over by Wednesday morning, when the city likely will see some lingering showers, Mr. Bigeleisen predicted.

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