NYC Residents Frustrated by Illegal Parking May Receive $43.75 for each Photo They Submit as Evidence

NYC Residents Frustrated by Illegal Parking May Receive $43.75 for each Photo They Submit as Evidence

By Yehudit Garmaise

NYC residents who are frustrated by parked cars that block bike lanes, schools, sidewalks, and crosswalks may soon be able submit photos of the offending cars, and then receive 25% of each $175 ticket issued, which comes out to $43.75.

In a tweet, City Councilman Lincoln Restler, said, “The NYPD has refused to enforce, so it’s time to empower New Yorkers!”

In Restler’s bill, which he said, “will finally get illegal, reckless parking under control,” NYC residents will submit their photos of illegally parked cars to the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT).

“The bill will make our streets and sidewalks safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

When BoroPark24 asked a frustrated resident whether, if it were passed, this bill would help with the many trucks and cars that are parked illegally around community institutions, he said he wasn’t sure.

“This bill already exists for for resident to take videos of trucks that are idling for more than two minutes in NYC,” the Boro Parker said. “Even when we properly submit photos and information about illegally parked trucks, the city does not pursue the offenders.

“How can we know for certain that the DOT will actually carry out these summonses?”

The new bill was unveiled with other legislation that would eliminate city-issued parking permits, known as placards, which Restler argues have been abused by city employees and others to park their cars wherever they want, even when they are not on emergency calls, Bloomberg reported.

“The reason we introduced these two pieces of legislation together was because so many of the most egregious parking abuses are perpetrated by people with real or fake placards in their dashboard,” Restler said.

The Boro Park resident also wondered whether the DOT will ticket the many rental cars that “use the streets as their personal parking garages.”

The city’s Department of Sanitation, the local elected officials, Community Board 12 have not been responsive to the pleas of many to help to free up the many parking spaces in which so many drivers park illegally.

“It’s a huge problem because many people in the community are abusing the placards and parking illegally,” the resident said. “It is a huge problem as a community because we are hurting ourselves.”

Other parking issues are derelict vehicles and commercial vehicles that park overnight on city streets.

“Does this bill cover that?” the Boro Parker asked.

“Only by freeing up all those spots in which cars are parked illegally will we return the streets to the citizens.”

Photo Credit: Flickr 

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