NYPD Arrests Boro Park Shoplifter: a Repeat Offender

NYPD Arrests Boro Park Shoplifter: a Repeat Offender

Several Boro Park Shmira volunteers apprehended this afternoon a shoplifter, who was a repeat offender in many local supermarkets.

The perpetrator was seen stealing from Rite Aid on 59th Street and Bay Parkway.

Boro Park Shmira was notified and after a lengthy foot pursuit, the Shmira volunteers caught and held the offender on Bay Parkway and 86th St until the police officers from the 66th precinct came to arrest him and take him to the station. 

When the police first slapped handcuffs on the perpetrator, he screamed that they were too tight and that, “he could not feel his hands,” before the police quickly loosened the restraints.

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