NYPD Must Allow Filming in Station: Federal Judge

NYPD Must Allow Filming in Station: Federal Judge

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A federal judge ordered the NYPD to allow filming inside the precinct, while they wait for the outcome of a lawsuit on this very matter. 

The lawsuit is being brought by Sean Paul Reyes, a constitutional advocate, who insists that it is his right, according to the First Amendment, to record himself inside these spaces. He has often been arrested for this infraction.

“My goal is to expose the bad officers, and try to hold them accountable through my platform,” Reyes has said. 

The judge said that Reyes’ lawsuit is likely to succeed, and has allowed him to continue filming inside police stations pending the outcome. 

The rule against filming was implemented in order to protect the privacy of citizens who interact with the NYPD, according to the police. 

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