NYPD Reports Shootings Precinct-by-Precinct, Boro Park among Lowest in the City

NYPD Reports Shootings Precinct-by-Precinct, Boro Park among Lowest in the City

By Yehudit Garmaise

Since 2020, New York City overall has been suffering from an ever-increasing sharp spike in shootings, however, some neighborhoods, such as Boro Park, never saw the skyrocketing shootings.

In some areas, the number of shootings is going down, while in other neighborhoods, shootings continue to rise, according to data the NYPD recently compiled for the years 2016 to 2021.

Shooting incidents in the 66th Precinct averaged a very low 1.5, per year, in the six-year span. 

The 67th District in East Flatbush, on the other hand, saw a shockingly high average of 48.5 shootings per year. 

In the northern Brooklyn precincts that have historically seen high levels of gun violence, shootings spiked high in 2020, and then declined markedly in 2021 and so far in 2022, Spectrum NY1 reported. 

In many precincts in the Bronx and upper Manhattan, the gun violence spike that started in 2020 has continued to increase.

While anti-violence activists at press conferences after shootings in NYC often blame the lack of financial “resources” on the high crime rates in their neighborhoods, one Williamsburg askan pointed out that that Orthodox Jewish communities maintain low crime rates without extra programs, incentives, or resources.

“The police department tells us that we don’t need resources because we don’t steal, we don’t kill, we don’t shoot, and we do no crime," he said. “We are peaceful, respectful citizens, we support our families, and we do what is right.”

Many in the city want “to fix and correct” many things about us in NYC’s Orthodox Jewish communities, said the askan, adding that Mayor Eric Adams has said that so many in the city could learn a lot from Chassidic Jews about creating healthy, happy, peaceful, and chesed-oriented communities.


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