NYPD Warms of Uptick in Burglaries in Boro Park

NYPD Warms of Uptick in Burglaries in Boro Park

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The 66th precinct of the NYPD sent out a warning on Thursday cautioning the residents of Boro Park to take care as there had been an uptick in burglaries in the neighborhood. 

One recent incident from this week has been reported by BoroPark24 earlier this week: 

The NYPD, together with Shomrim, are investigating the scene of yesterday's home invasion, where a thief stole an estimated $100K's worth of items from a family one week away from making a chasunah. The incident happened on 17th Ave. and 43rd St. after the thief broke into another apartment and stole a safe and jewelry. He also broke into multiple homes in Flatbush over Shabbos.

The NYPD urged residents to take the following precautions: 

1. Install a security system 

2. Use motion-sensor lights 

3. Keep valuables out of sight 

4. Secure windows and doors

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