Photo Gallery: Bar Mitzvah of Prominent Askan and Community Leader Brings Together Esteemed Rabbonim and Noted Communal Leaders and Electeds

Photo Gallery: Bar Mitzvah of Prominent Askan and Community Leader Brings Together Esteemed Rabbonim and Noted Communal Leaders and Electeds

Rabbi Joel Friedman is a well-known, prominent askan and ba’al chessed and community activist in New York State and New Jersey, a chaplain for the police and local hospitals, a prominent member of the Satmar community, and an address turned to by many in need. Whenever a member of the community is in need of a chessed, they know that they can turn to Reb Yoel, who will give the matter his full attention and heart.

Thus, the bar mitzvah for the son of R’ Yoel brought out esteemed Rabbonim and Admorim, as well as communal leaders, and elected officials, including Mayor Eric Adams of New York City.

The dais at the bar mitzvah, which took place in Williamsburg, saw an array of the most prominent Rabbonim and Admorim. The hall was likewise filled with a wide array of representation from communal groups, including representatives from Chevra Hatzolah branches throughout New York and New Jersey, as well as Chevra Shomrim and Shemira departments in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Also seen were liaisons from numerous hospitals and prisons, all of whom work closely with Reb Yoel to ease the plight of their fellow brothers and sisters in need.

This dedication to chessed was bequeathed to Reb Yoel by his illustrious father, a legendary ba’al chessed by the name of Reb Mordechai Friedman, a”h, who was also an esteemed member of Hatzolah. He paved the path for his son by working on behalf of the imprisoned and the hospitalized, as well as launching the famed Mincha Minyan in Sloatsburg, which draws thousands of mispaleim every summer season.

Rabbi Joel Friedman’s continuance of his father’s work has gained him a reputation among the leadership of the community, and they came to express their gratitude on behalf of a grateful community during this time of joy for Reb Yoel and his family.

Another aspect of R’ Yoel’s selfless devotion to the klal expressed itself in his work on behalf of many kehillos and their institutions. Many initiatives of Torah and chessed in the community have been underwritten by R’ Yoel who has always supported these projects with generosity and selflessness.

A distinguished guest at the Bar Mitzvah was the honorable Mayor Eric Adams of New York City who was warmly introduced by Reb Yoel who noted his exceptional devotion to our community and his defense of our way of life and our education. At this opportunity, he also greeted the mayor’s senior advisor, Reb Yoel Eisdorfer, an outstanding public servant for our community.     

Speaking to the guests, the mayor Adams noted his deep and longstanding friendship with Ha’askan Reb Yoel and, by extension, with our community, and he reaffirmed his commitment to assist our community and defending its deeply-held values.

Mayor Adams was joined by fellow elected officials: Councilman Kalman Yeger, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, and Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, who made a special effort to join the bar mitzvah and greet the ba’al simcha.

High-ranking members of the NYPD were present, with representation from a number of police precincts around the city, with whom Rabbi Joel Friedman works closely on behalf of the community.

The many distinguished guests in attendance expressed their heartfelt wishes toward Reb Yoel and his family to see much nachas from the bar mitzvah bachur, as well as to continue in his incredible and wide-ranging work on behalf of our community for many years to come in good health.  

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