Premium Health to Present Distinguished Panel on Effective Weight Loss

Premium Health to Present Distinguished Panel on Effective Weight Loss

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It is no secret that obesity levels in the general population have skyrocketed, and our community has unfortunately not been left out of this trend. And while there is a growing number of options for weight loss, Premium Health has been at the forefront of presenting a holistic approach, with all options for weight loss—a cornerstone for health—on the table. 

Premium Health’s Mrs. P Zuller explains that “not everyone is capable of ‘disciplining their way to a healthy weight.’” It is a real struggle for so many in the community. Many struggle with their metabolism, many with an elevated appetite, and many with a whole host of other factors that contribute to an elevated weight.” 

This is why Premium Health is presenting, this coming Monday, a distinguished panel of physicians and dietitians who spend their days in the field of medicine-related weight loss, and have seen phenomenal success with their patients. 

The panel will be moderated by Dr. Raymond Sultan RPA-C, a highly-regarded Internist on staff at Premium. It will feature Sharon Zarabi, a well-regarded Registered Dietitian, who will discuss the importance of healthy and mindful eating habits—"because any route to healthy weight must include changes to eating habits,” Mrs. Zuller says. Additionally, the panel will feature Dr. Mitchell Roslin and Dr. Vik Dhar, two prominent Bariatric Surgeons who have seen much success in their work. 

The panel will discuss who are the right candidates for bariatric surgery (also known as ‘the sleeve’), medication-assisted weight loss, mindfulness in eating, and staying active, even when on a busy schedule. 

Since Premium is a Federally Qualified Health Center, it is their priority to ensure that every single member of the community has access to quality healthcare, Dr. Roslin—after working closely with patients—has seen much success in helping them lose weight through medication, at an affordable price. 

The panel will take place at Premium Health’s Community Education Center, at 4508-4510 16th Avenue, 3rd Floor. Monday, June 5, at 7:00 in the evening.  

“There is nothing more important than our health,” Mrs. Zuller says. “An event like this does not take place in our community very often, and the public is urged to attend and see the options that exist for healthy weight loss.” 

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