Public Menorah lighting Inspires Optimism for a Brighter Tomorrow

Public Menorah lighting Inspires Optimism for a Brighter Tomorrow

Over Chanukah 2021, the Staten Island Council of Jewish Organizations hosted and sponsored two Staten Island public Menorah Lightings. The first one was held on the first Sunday, November 28, 2021, at the Staten Island Mall and was co-Sponsored by Chabad of Staten Island. The second one was held at Staten Island Borough Hall. Both Menorah Lightings marked COJO’s 50th year of celebrating Chanukah with the broader Jewish Community by inspiring the community with hope, optimism for better and  brighter tomorrow.

At the Staten Island Mall lighting, Inspector Bruce Ceparano, commanding officer, Pct. 121, was honored with lighting the Shamash, the center candle on the Menorah that is used to help light the rest of the candles. Former Congressman Max Rose was honored with lighting the first nights Candle. 

At Staten Island Borough Hall, Deputy Borough President Ed Burke, presented to COJO a proclamation honoring, “COJO for their tremendous community work and advocacy over the course of its ongoing 54 years of service to Staten Island. 

Just like one candle lights many candles and gives inspiration, hope and illumination to many so does COJO. In its over a half a century of service to Staten Island, COJO has been a source of energy, hope and optimism that has enlightened and helped illuminate Staten Island allowing the Borough to be brightened up with hope and security that it has who to turn to for support, encouragement and leadership. To this end I must credit Mendy Mirocznik, Scott Maurer and Ari Weiss for leading by example and being on the forefront of helping our Borough as an inspirational light of hopefulness especially during the frightening, dreary and scary darkness of covid. Today we acknowledge that fact and declare November 29, 2021, to be COJO day on the official calendar and record of Staten Island. Thank you COJO for all that you do for Staten Island and time will testify how important you truly are to Staten Island and on behalf of the People of Staten Island do I say two simple words thank you,” so said Burke, while presenting the proclamation.”   

Rabbi Michael Miller, Executive Vice-President Emeritus of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY), Rabbi Aharon Zeev, Aur Torah Sephardic Minyan of Staten Island, Rabbi Avraham Biderman, Oorah, Rabbi Yochanan Ivry, Congregation Toras Emes, Oakwood, Staten Island and Itay Milner, Spokesperson and Consul for Media Affairs at the Israeli Consulate in New York were honored with lighting the candles on the Menorah, which was preceded with the lighting of the Shamash by NYPD Chief Frank Vega, Staten Island Borough Commander who stated, “I truly am honored to join COJO tonight and partake in lighting the Shamash. I am proud that COJO is a stronger community partner with the NYPD and do not know where we would be without COJO. I  must take a moment to reflect on how together with COJO’ support we are able to cautiously climb out of the darkness of Covid. We at the NYPD enthusiastically look forward to our continued partnership with COJO to help further meet the ongoing challenges we will face as a community. Together, we will build a better and brighter Staten Island.”

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