Quality Carpet One Floor & Home Provides Parking, Attentive Customer Care, and Limitless Choices

Quality Carpet One Floor & Home Provides Parking, Attentive Customer Care, and Limitless Choices

By Yehudit Garmaise

Quality Carpet One Floor & Home has been covering the floors of Boro Park homes for 56 years, but last year, the popular flooring store moved two blocks down from its original location on Ditmas Ave. to its new home at 1416 38th St.

Although the store’s well-known variety of thousands of floor coverings, such as carpeting, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl flooring, hardwood floors, and laminate flooring, remain the same, one great addition to Quality Carpet One Floor & Home is that the store now provides a parking lot.

“We have a state-of-the art showroom that is brand-new and user-friendly,” said Joseph Frank, the store’s owner, who said that the showroom “is easy to navigate and very comfortable.”

Quality Carpet One Floor & Home has been a family business since 1965, when Franks’ grandparents, Dovi Frank, a”h, and his wife Olga Frank, a”h, who had immigrated to Boro Park from Hungary, first opened the store.

Now, Frank, who has taken over ownership of the shop, enjoys working with many cousins, his older brother Dovy Frank, his younger brother Meyer, and his Uncle Krausz, who has worked in the store for 50 years.

Frank, who grew up in Boro Park, has been working at Quality Carpet One Floor & Home since 2001, when he returned from learning in Israel at the Mir Yeshiva in 2001 to work at the store for many years with his father, Heshy Frank, a”h, who sadly passed away in 2014.

What is the secret to helping customers to get the perfect floor covering?

“We focus on understanding what people need,” explained Frank, who said that before his salespeople start to show customers products, they are trained to determine exactly what customers want and what will work best for them. 

“Everyone has specific things that are important to them. 

“We listen carefully to take note of their specific requirements.”

Frank doesn’t just listen to his customers, though, he also provides positive reassurance about their choices and taste.

“You have to validate them, and then give them want they need and want,” Frank said.

For instance, some customers, especially those with large families, prioritize hiding dirt and wear and tear, Frank explained.

“It depends on how much of a slave you want to be to keeping your floor clean,” said Frank, with a laugh. 

“Some people, who are very neat and keep everything spic and span, can choose whiter or lighter flooring colors, while other customers would rather die than to keep white carpets in their houses because they know that they would never be able to keep them clean.”

What is the latest trend in floor coverings in Boro Park?

“We sell a lot of patterned carpets and a lot of luxury vinyl tiles,” confided Frank, who added, “People trust us because we have been in business in the community for so long.”

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