Readers Write: Careless Drivers and Pedestrians Threaten Boro Parker’s Safety

Readers Write: Careless Drivers and Pedestrians Threaten Boro Parker’s Safety

Dear Editor,

Thank you for an amazing publication where I can go for timely, reliable news, and thank you for the opportunity to vent my frustration regarding an issue that is relevant and important to Boro Park residents and really the entire New York City. 

This past week saw the second accident involving a moped being struck by a car at the same intersection of McDonald Avenue and 18th Avenue. 

While I cannot pinpoint any issue with this intersection per se (it has had traffic lights for as long as anyone can remember), perhaps the combination of this being a very busy intersection, and the behavior of the drivers, is an ‘accident waiting to happen, R”l.’ 

The fact that McDonald Avenue is narrowed due to the presence of the subway along the avenue is probably also a contributing factor to accidents and probably limits visibility. 

I hope that someone in the appropriate government agency, such as the Department of Transportation, will read this and pay attention to this serious issue. After all, it is their job to ensure that traffic is as safe as it can possibly be—doing everything possible to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians on New York City’s streets. 

But most importantly, the achrayus is on the drivers and pedestrians themselves: It is incumbent upon each of us to open our eyes and take heed of the situation around us. Drive slower and keep your eyes open for mopeds, bicycles, and pedestrians. 

But at the same time, mopeds, bicycles, and pedestrians should keep their eyes open for vehicles! Yes! There is a limit to how careful drivers can be if others are reckless on New York City’s streets.  

I believe that, with more care on everyone’s part, our streets will truly become safer for everyone involved.  

I hope you will publish this letter and that it will bring awareness to this important issue. 


Menashe Frankel—Boro Park. 

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