Readers Write: Clear Our Drains

Readers Write: Clear Our Drains

Dear Editor. 

Tuesday night’s heavy storm brought to mind once again the terrible failure and negligence of our local government. It’s something that I have noticed by nearly every storm—and there have been many in the last while.  

And every time, we witness incredible flooding throughout the Boro Park neighborhood. Streets can sometimes be under a foot of water, or more, because the drains are not working properly. 

This is the time and place to give a shout-out to our precious volunteers in Chaverim, Chavivim, Shomrim, and Shemira, who selflessly grab their equipment and rush toward the floods to help their fellow members of the community. Their work is laudable and appreciated. 

But back to my earlier concern: I believe that if the local government was doing its job, the streets would be drained much better, and many homes and streets would not experience the flooding that they do. 

I don’t know if they read this, but maybe the message will reach the City: Please do a better job of clearing our drains so that when the next storm comes—and there will be more storms—perhaps there will be less damage and less heartache in the Boro Park neighborhood. 


M. Levi, Boro Park

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