Readers Write: Construction is Inconvenient Enough for Your Neighbors, Don’t Make it Harder

Readers Write: Construction is Inconvenient Enough for Your Neighbors, Don’t Make it Harder

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to my Boro Park neighbors through this forum. Hopefully, the message will reach the people who most need to hear it. 

Baruch Hashem, our Boro Park community is a growing place, with so much happening in it. There is constant movement in and out of homes and apartments. Young couples are getting married and taking up new small apartments—vacated by those who have outgrown it, and are moving into larger homes, or are moving to other communities. These movements come with construction projects of all sizes. 

Many have been blessed with wealth, and are able to build larger homes—entailing a massive, multi-year construction project. Surely, everyone is happy for their neighbors at such a time, and wishes them well in their new home. 

People are also surely aware of the enormous financial burden that a homeowner undertakes when purchasing a home and renovates it, and then needs to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more on construction—in addition to other associated inevitable headaches.

However, this does not absolve the homeowner from being completely selfish, and paying no heed to concerns of their neighbors. 

I live in the 14th Avenue area, where a home has been built and being renovated. They built a fence up to the street, forcing passersby to walk in the street on a narrow area. 

In the meantime, facing a dispute with a neighbor, construction has been halted for more than a year, with no end in sight. 

But the fence that comes up to the sidewalk—compelling all pedestrians to fit into a narrow area—has remained there. Mothers pushing double strollers with three children must squeeze into an impossible space, and this stretch is practically a one-way zone, with people needing to wait for the other to pass through. 

Surely, people are willing to be inconvenienced when there is no choice, and construction is ongoing. But this property is simply becoming a trash heap as it sits vacant, and it’s probably a matter of time before we see rats and racoons being attracted to the place. 

This is surely one example of many in the Boro Park community. 

My plea to the owners—and to many like them around Boro Park—is simple: Please be mindful of others. Even though you’re in the middle of a stressful construction process, please find the space in your heart to inconvenience your neighbors as little as possible. 

Yedidya Klein 

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