Readers Write: Don't Forget to UN-SUBSCRIBE and SAVE

Readers Write: Don't Forget to UN-SUBSCRIBE and SAVE

Subscribe and save. Who doesn't love it? Order it once, set up a regular schedule, and it arrives like clockwork without missing a beat or having to lift a finger other than to tear through that hardy Amazon Prime tape on the box that seems to grow larger as each month passes.

This is precisely what makes the subscribe and save model the success that it is. Order it and forget it. (Or so they hope!) Then it arrives, and you look at it, wondering for a split second who ordered it, put it away, and let is slip your mind until it comes again the next month. 

Great for Amazon business but not so great for frum subscribers if they forget to change that April delivery date until it's too late. 

Don't wait for that loud thump on your front porch to cancel, delay, reschedule, or otherwise adjust your subscribe and save calendar before it's too late, and you are unwittingly the owner of chometz on Pesach. 

Year after year, very real halachic issues arise as a result of those who forget or put off until it's too late that one simple act. 

Go here NOW, and then you can return to your  Pesach preparations. 

What are you waiting for? 

Like I said - NOW!

(Your Rav will thank you - or better yet, BoroPark24 for posting this important service reminder.)

Izzy Dorfman

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