Rep. Jerry Nadler Says He will Run for Reelection, Despite Reports that he Will Retire

Rep. Jerry Nadler Says He will Run for Reelection, Despite Reports that he Will Retire

by Yehudit Garmaise

After Rep. Jerry Nadler was reportedly “not giving straight answers” about whether he plans to run for reelection in the midterm elections on Nov. 8, 2022, some New Yorkers were wondering whether the 74-year-old, 15-term Democrat was getting ready to retire, however after the New York Post reported as such, Rep. Nadler tweeted on Saturday, “I am running for reelection, and the New York Post knows it. I’ll still be fighting for progressive causes in Congress.”

In addition, City & State reporter Jeff Coltin, who has been covering Nadler, whom the Post called “a liberal warhorse,” tweeted that “his team is adamant that he is running again in 2022.”

The speculation that Rep. Nadler might decide not to run may be informed by the surprising number of Republicans who won on Nov. 2 nationwide, which caused some Democrats to fear that they could lose control of the House next November, thereby minimizing the Democratic agenda in Congress.

All 435 US Reps are up for reelection next fall, and of course the party that has the majority of representatives will be the one that has the most power to pass legislation.

“It’s not the first I’m hearing about it,” veteran Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf told The Post. “Does he really want to be in the minority next year? How much more can he get done?”

Although Scott Stringer, whose failed mayoral campaigned ended with a thud: in fifth place, with 5% of the vote, after he lost many endorsements after several allegations of harassment, has said that he is excited to work on Nadler’s reelection campaign.

Some say that the outgoing comptroller has his eye on the seat of the city’s 10th Congressional District, which includes, in addition to Boro Park, a wide range of neighborhoods, such as Greenwich Village, Midtown Manhattan, and the Upper West Side, where Stringer, who is plotting his next political move, is popular.

When US Sen. Chuck Schumer asked an Upper West Side crowd at a recent political rally whether they wanted Stringer, whom Schumer praised, to remain in public life, City & State reported that “the (sympathetic and geriatric) crowd cheered in response.”

“If he retires there would be three obvious frontrunners to replace him: Scott Stringer, Scott Stringer and Scott Stringer,” said the associate of Nadler.

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