Sadiger Rebbe will Visit Boro Park

Sadiger Rebbe will Visit Boro Park

By: YS Gold 

The Sadigerer Rebbe will be in Boro Park this week, on Monday, Tu Bishvat. He will arrive in Newark Airport at 6:00 Monday morning and proceed to his Boro Park host Reb Yehoshua Eliezer Brucker, where the rebbe will also see visitors there during this visit.

The Rebbe will daven Mincha on Monday at 4:30pm in the Yoka Shul on 1243-55th St, and then conduct a special Lechaim Tish in honor of 15 Shvat.

This Boro Park visit is in honor of the wedding in Bobov-45 and Rachmistrivka where the rebbe is an uncle of the Chusen.

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