Seret-Viznitzer Rebbe to Visit Boro Park

Seret-Viznitzer Rebbe to Visit Boro Park

The Seret-Viznitzer Rebbe, a scion of the great Viznitzer dynasty, assumed the leadership of the chassidus in 2015, and has continued to encourage the exponential growth of the chassidus. Headquartered in Haifa, the Seret-Viznitzer chassidus spreads its influence throughout the area, which is predominantly secular. Hundreds of families reside around the chassidus’ center.

Next Sunday, the Rebbe will touch down in New York, and remain in Boro Park at the home of the legendary patron of the chassidus, Reb Baruch Halpern, on 54th Street. The purpose of the visit is to lend chizuk and inspiration to the chassidim here, many of whom have not had the opportunity to see the Rebbe for a number of years.  

A Shabbos hisachdus will be held for the chassidim in America, in Upstate New York, and the Rebbe will return home on the following Monday. 

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