Shirim v’Shiurim Volume 3 Hits Stores, Bringing the Heart and Energy into Homes Everywhere

Shirim v’Shiurim Volume 3 Hits Stores, Bringing the Heart and Energy into Homes Everywhere

Yehuda Alter 

As the days of sefirah come to a close, a new season of music is upon us—and what better way to welcome it than with a brand-new album just released by Shirim v’Shiurim and distributed by Mostly Music, a completely unique and heartfelt offering that fuses chassidishe neginah of yore with all the brilliance that contemporary music has to offer. 

It was an evening that those in attendance will not soon forget: Hundreds of men and bachurim gathered together on a chol hamo’ed evening, singing age-old niggunim in one thunderous chorus, from the depths of their hearts. 

They were led by the masterful Shira Choir, which first gave birth to this concept of elevating vintage niggunim with all the possibilities available to us in 2022. Leading the choir, and the audience along with them, was Shira’s legendary Yoili Horowitz. They were accompanied by the legendary Mendy Hershkowitz and his orchestra. 

Shirim v’Shiurim founders, R’ Shraga Gold and R’ Shia Freund—friends who have been producing music together since they were children—spoke with us in advance of the album’s release, and recalled how the concept of Shirim v’Shiurim came into being. “We are part of a group of people who love to sing vintage nigunim, and at some point, we began thinking of a way to bring that joy and heart to the general public, who are thirsting for this kind of experience. Our first such an event was in the summer of 2018… and the feedback was simply incredible,” they recall. 

“We couldn’t sleep for nights afterwards from the energy that we felt… it was like we broke into some spiritual vault in the heart of every one of the participants.” 

They explain that, by far, the hardest part of putting together such an event is choosing the song list. “We found that people connect most with nigunim that they have been singing at their Shabbos table for years… beautiful and uncomplicated songs that everyone can sing along to with heart,” they said. And looking at the jacket for this album, the array of songs is simply stunning, and has something for everyone.  

Mendy Hershkowitz—who led the orchestra at this event— relates that “The moment I heard about the idea, I really wanted to be a part of it. These are songs that touch the heart of every Yid, and there could be no greater privilege than to elevate them this way, and to engage with the audience this way.”

‘Audience’ may not be the correct word in this instance—for the crowd that was there on that day were no passive observers, but rather active participants. As Mendy remembers it, “I usually need to lower the music when the crowd begins singing, so to allow them to be heard. But at this event, the voices were so powerful, and the energy so strong—fathers and grandfathers, bucherim and young boys—that they simply overpowered the music.” 

With the release of this video and audio album at last, you too can tap into this incredible spiritual uplift. Bring the spirit of authentic chassidishe Neginah into your home, and warm the hearts and souls of yourself and your family.  

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