Snapshot: Do-All Does It All for Travelers

Snapshot: Do-All Does It All for Travelers

By David  J. Glenn

Shlomo Geiger decided a half-century ago to open a travel agency because it was "something that was interesting," he recalled.

That may have been an understatement. Today, Do-All Travel, as its name suggests, handles the full gamut of travel, everything from air tickets to hotels to rental cars, domestic and international.

Geiger opened the agency in the diamond district in Manhattan in 1969. In that year of the first moon flight, Geiger was busy booking flights somewhat closer to Earth, but since this was decades before the Digital Revolution, "it was complicated" to do everything with paper tickets and manual bookings, he said.

He started transferring to digital in the early days of the revolution in the 1980s, and moved the agency to Boro Park in 1986. He's now at 4620 18th Ave.

He'll help "everybody who wants to get on an aircraft" or ship, he said.

Geiger enjoys the business now as much as he did more than 50 years ago. "I love it," he said.

It was a tough thing to love in 2020, when the Covid virus struck. "We had to close down, like everyone else," he said. "But we got through it," and today his agency is as active as ever.

Many if not most of Do-All's customers use the agency's service through its website, Domestic bookings are mainly to Los Angeles, Miami, and Boston, said travel rep George Bi. Most international trips are to Tel Aviv, as well as London, Rome, Paris, and Warsaw, Bi said. There also are bookings to Toronto and Montreal, he added.

Busy travel times are around Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, and the upcoming days of Chanukah, Bi said. "We're  already overbooked to Israel for Chanukah," he said.

What better place to be for Chanukah than where it first began?

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