Snapshot: M&S can't be copied

Snapshot: M&S can't be copied

By David J. Glenn

Back in the day, making a copy of a document meant using carbon paper, or operating a mimeograph machine (You say you have no idea what these were? Well, Google it or ask your grandparents!)

Today, though, you can walk into a store like the M&S Copy Center on 15th Avenue and get just about anything copied, quickly.

The store, at 4401 15th Ave., used to be a shop selling blechs and other metal household goods, but the site became vacant in 1997 when Moshe and Suri Schwartz were looking for a site to open a copy store. 

"We thought it would be a good idea to open a copy place," especially since there was a dearth of such facilities in Boro Park at the time, said Suri.

They started out mainly making copies, as the name implied, and relied mainly on customers walking in, since the Internet had yet to fully take hold. But more recently they've expanded into printing everything from weekly parsha pamphlets (kuntreisim), to upsherin and bar mitzvah invitations, to corporate brochures. In fact, most of their work is materials for shuls, companies, schools, and organizations, said Moshe, who previously had worked for a Hebrew publishing company. 

"We mainly have corporate accounts," he said. "Whatever my customers send in, we'll print." They can bring in the camera-ready material, or, as many prefer, send it by email.

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