Snapshot: Mostly Music Provides Boro Park Homes With Kosher Entertainment

Snapshot: Mostly Music Provides Boro Park Homes With Kosher Entertainment

By David J. Glenn

613 Torah Avenue, The Twins on the Roof, and Words Once Spoken are among the hundreds of Torahdik movies and music lining the shelves at Mostly Music at 4815 13th Avenue.

Instead of the violence and sexual suggestion of almost all music and film in the non-Jewish world, Mostly Music, founded by Mendy Werdyger, offers time-tested Torah messages and values through the latest modern technology, and twists on secular media such as "613 Torah Avenue" instead of "Sesame Street" or "The Twins on the Roof" patterned after "The Fiddler on the Roof." 

The store offers such modern media as key-chain flash-drives that can hold the equivalent of several DVDs or CDs at once (a good thing, since many newer cars no longer even have disc players, just flash-drive receptors).

"Many customers also come in to download music and videos directly into their smartphones and tablets," said Mayer Werdyger, son of the founder, and manager of the operation.

The younger Werdyger works with Yaacov Lubin, a media producer, to compile much of the material stocked by the store (which also offers many items at wholesale to other outlets and distributors).

One popular series Lubin produces, "Exploring the World of Animals, " uses animation and music to highlight particular species in Creation, such as the lion or the horse, and how each "sings"  to Hashem as 

described in Perek Shira, the Song of the Universe. It's all "a subtle refute to the theory of evolution," Lubin said.

In addition to the latest releases, the Weredygers offer CDs or downloads of earlier classics, such as Avi Rottenberg's ode to Shabbos in his Journeys collection ( "Put down your hammer, all your work is done; It's time to spend some time with the Holy One…")

Shabbos is something Werdyger looks forward to every week.  "It's the one time we can get away from all the computers and smartphones," he said. "We render songs in their purest form, directly from the neshama."

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