Snapshot: Today's food is the root of diseases, says Nutritionist

Snapshot: Today's food is the root of diseases, says Nutritionist

By David J. Glenn

Klal Yisroel is suffering.

When nutritionist Eliezer Gruber states this, he's not citing the current rise in anti-semitic attacks or the economic struggles of many in our community (although these are critical concerns).

He's talking about the high rates of diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, and other serious disorders among many of us.

"The reason is what we eat", he said. "It's all the garbage in processed foods— the oils, fats, sugar — and all the important vitamins and nutrients taken out through processing." 

He said that a diet rich in green and leafy vegetables, whole grains, and nuts, such as the Mediterranean Diet, can significantly prevent or ease disorders.

Gruber offers free Mediterranean diet printouts at his Nutri-Supreme store at 4315 14th Ave. It's in the form of a pyramid, outlining factors of a healthy lifestyle from the most important in the large base to the least important at the tip — starting with good social relationships and exercise; plenty of fruits and vegetables; healthy fats: fish; poultry, eggs, yogurt, and cheese; whole grains, legumes and beans; herbs such as turmeric and garlic; and finally, small amounts of healthy sweets, preferably chocolate with 70 percent cocoa.

All these are found in fresh foods, but the problem, he said, is that most people need to eat more of it.

Gruber's emphasis on what the body takes in extends to coffee. When he recently offered a cup of coffee to a visitor, he proceeded to grind the beans and then add hot water. 

He said natural coffee can be healthy, but decaffeinated coffee is not a good idea, contrary to popular conception. "There are all kinds of strong chemicals used to remove the caffeine, " he said.

After sipping the welcomed cup of coffee, the visitor said it was just about the best java he had ever had.

"You don't have to sacrifice taste for health," Gruber said.

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