Speedier Work Permits for NYC Migrants

Speedier Work Permits for NYC Migrants

M.C. Millman

Governor Hochul announced she is trying to grant City Illegal migrants quicker work authorizations but must seek permission on a federal level. 

Hochul said Tuesday her attorneys are working to resolve the illegal migrant crisis on a State level to bypass the long wait for federal work permits. 

Federal law requires migrants who apply for asylum to wait at least 180 days before getting a work permit. Hochul's effort aims to allow migrants to achieve financial independence while their cases are being processed. 

This news comes after Mayor Eric Adams directed city agencies to slash their budgets by 5% on Monday to help manage the costs of the illegal migrant crisis, as reported by BoroPark24 here

According to the New York Times, senior administration officials said  in a call with reporters that work permits are "very clearly a federal authority." They also added that workarounds were "not something we would encourage states to pursue."

Nevertheless, if the federal government were to allow state work permits, this would take time. Additionally, approval is required by the State legislature.

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