Star-K Kashrus Issues Alert for B&G Gherkins

Star-K Kashrus Issues Alert for B&G Gherkins

Star-K has released an alert notifying the community of an insect infestation in some batches of B&G Gherkins. 

The affected lots listed below should not be used and can be identified on the side of the jar lid.

#25021 – Best By Feb 25, 2023

#09031 – Best By Mar 09, 2023

#24861 – Best By Jun 24, 2023

“It is unclear at this time how many other lots may be affected,” the Star-K wrote. “We will be sure to issue updated alerts as warranted.”

Consumers are advised to slice open in gherkin to check for possible infestation. Anyone discovering infestation in a lot not referenced above is requested to immediately contact [email protected] and share the lot number and Best By information noted on the lid.

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