State Sen. Felder Advocates for NY Small Property Owners

State Sen. Felder Advocates for NY Small Property Owners

  Among the many claims on the funds of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, one of the largest economic recovery plans in U.S. history, are $2 billion that are marked to protect New York’s small property owners.

     State Sen. Simcha Felder is calling on U.S. legislators to protect those funds for New York state’s Emergency Rental Program, which has received more than 160,000 applications from tenants and landlords since the program started in June.

     To apply for the New York state Emergency Rental Assistance Program, readers can call (844) NY1RENT.

     “Of-course renters needed relief during the pandemic, but small property owners were hung out to dry: and they’ve suffered enough!” state Sen. Simcha Felder said. “While tenants were relieved of the necessity to pay rent since September, billions in unpaid rent led to extensive debt and bankruptcies by small property owners.

     Adding insult to injury, throughout the pandemic, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) disallowed landlords, nationwide, from evicting tenants who could not pay their rent, however, last month, the majority of justices on Supreme Court ruled that the CDC had exceeded its authority. 

     The eviction ban expires tomorrow, however, Biden administration has called on Congress to legislate an extension to the ban that hurts property owners, who still have to pay mortgages, taxes, and bills.

     “Small property owners are begging for help, and ignoring their plea is unconscionable,” state Sen. Felder said. “Legislators who are calling to extend the eviction ban must be asked how they plan to remove the burden from the backs of New York’s small property owners.

    “These hardworking New Yorkers, who scrapped and saved and made good choices, are being destroyed. 

     “I urge every representative to step up and pledge their unequivocal support to help New York’s small property owners survive and thrive again!”

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