Thousands of Gerer Chassidim Infused with Joy and Holiness at Rebbe’s Wedding in New York

Thousands of Gerer Chassidim Infused with Joy and Holiness at Rebbe’s Wedding in New York

It is difficult to adequately describe the feelings and emotions experienced by thousands of Gerer Chassidim in the United States during this days—as many remain in disbelief from the incredible history, and the special focus from the Rebbe to which they were privileged.

Events like this have never taken place since Gerer chassidim have streamed into New York following the terrible Churban that had consumed the glorious court of Ger that lived and thrived in Gora Kalwaria. While the American community had merited visits from the Gerer Rebbeim over time, a simcha—bringing forth the glory and the heartfelt joy with the Rebbe’s simcha—has never taken place here, since the court is centered in Yerushalayim. Likewise, they have never experienced a tisch conducted by the Rebbe on American shores—since these only take place during specula Shabbosim.

Yet, 5781 was the year in which history was made—as the Rebbe endeavored to come to the chassidim following two years in which they had been unable to journey to the court.

The committees in charge overcame enormous logistical challenges to make this massive event happen—beginning with two Shabbosim in Boro Park (parashas Shoftim and Ki Teitzei). But even more remarkable was the wedding itself: Thousands of men packed the Viznizter Beis Medrash, while the women occupied the Vilchovitz Hall.

Through all this, the children were not forgotten.

During a special ‘kinder tisch,’ hundred of talmdim from the Gerer chadorim packed the hall, in the presence of the Rebbe, where children sang special grammen in honor of the occasion, and merited special attention and brachos from the Rebbe. Following this, the Kabbolas Ponim was geared for the bachurim, where, once again, they heard divrei Torah and brochos from the Rebbe.

Following this, the massive crowd made its way over to the Vilchovitz hall for the chupah. Here, the experience was otherworldly, as the crowd stood with deep earnestness and emotion—while the Gerer menagnim provided a backdrop to the heightened emotions—during these uplifted moments.

The Rebbe served as mesader kiddushin, while Rav Hershel Rottenberg, Rov of the Gerer community read the kesubah. The Viznitzer Rebbe was honored with the first six brachos, and the Skverer Rebbe with bracha achrita. At the conclusion, the crowd broke out into spirited and uplifted dancing that lasted for a while—truly feeling the simcha of the Rebbe.

Throughout the evening, the feelings of joy, connection, holiness—and the experiences the likes of which most had never seen—were palpable by the entire crowd of thousands, which overflowed from the hall.

In the following days, Sheva brachos events were hosted by various committees and supporters of the Gerer mosdos—those who maintain a connection the entire year, and take an active role in supporting the massive network of institutions in the chassidus.

This led into Shabbos Sheva Brochos, where the Rebbe was again spent in Boro Park—this time, conducting an unprecedented three tischen throughout the Shabbos. An even larger crowd filled the Belzer Talmud Torah this time, with many having arrived from Eretz Yisroel for the wedding. Throughout the Shabbos, the infusion of Torah, tefillah, and holy, joyful niggunim reverberated throughout the hall.

The Rebbe is scheduled to return to Eretz Yisroel in the early part of the week—leaving behind an aura of holiness and connection that will not soon be forgotten from amongst the chassidim in America.

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