Three Men Who Assaulted Jews last May in Boro Park: Plead Guilty, but Evade Jail

Three Men Who Assaulted Jews last May in Boro Park: Plead Guilty, but Evade Jail

By Yehudit Garmaise

The three young men who spent the afternoon of May 22, 2021, driving around Kensington and Boro Park to harass and beat Jews, pled guilty to committing hate crimes, but Justice Danny Chun only sentenced the perpetrators to between three and five years of probation.

“Hate crime numbers are so high because the repercussions are so minimal,” a victim of the Boro Park assault told Hamodia. “It’s a shame that they’re not getting any prison time.”

The office of Brooklyn District Attorney’ Eric Gonzalez office had requested jail time for each of the perpetrators: six months for Daniel Shaukat, one year for Haider Anjam of Midwood, and 30 days for Ashan Azad of Midwood. 

Justice Chun, however, offered the perpetrators a plea deal for probation, which was accepted by the defendants, who will be formally sentenced on Nov. 30.

 “These defendants were charged and prosecuted for an intolerable antisemitic hate crime, for which we recommended jail time,” a spokesman for the Brooklyn DA told Hamodia. “[Shaukat, who was 20 at the time, Anjam, who was 20, and Azad, who was 19] admitted to their criminal conduct and accepted the court’s offer over our objection.”

Justice Chun’s lenient sentencing proves the point of Mayor Eric Adams, who told BoroPark24 in City Hall on Tuesday that while the NYPD “is doing its part” to significantly reduce shootings and homicides, the mayor “needs his judges to help him in court, his prosecutors to prosecute cases, and legislators to fix the bail laws that continue to allow dangerous people to do dangerous things in our city.”

"NYPD did its job," City Councilman Kalman Yeger tweeted. "The DA did his. And one again, a turn-'em-loose judge has set vicious criminals back out onto the streets with no punishment."

In May 2021, just as Gaza agreed to a ceasefire after launching hundreds of rockets at Jews in Israel, the hate crime perpetrators first tried to get three teenage Jewish boys walking home from shul in Flatbush to say, “Free Palestine,” before starting to throw punches at them.

After chasing the Jewish teens with a cricket bat, at around 7:30 pm, the pertrators’ blue Toyota Camry appeared on 16th Avenue, where many Jews were walking back to shul.

After shouting from their car, “Free Palestine,” and “We’ll kill all the Jews,” Shaukat, Anjam, and Azad parked and tried to follow four Jews into Agudah Israel, where the mispellelim remained safe by quickly getting inside and locking the door.

Keeping all doors locked is one of the most important strategies for keeping intruders out of buildings, community security experts told BoroPark24.

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