Tractor Trailer Overturns near Liberty, Litters NY-17 with Heaps of NYC Trash

Tractor Trailer Overturns near Liberty, Litters NY-17 with Heaps of NYC Trash

By: Yehuda Alter 

This afternoon, a tractor-trailer overturned on the westbound Route 17, between Exits 98 and 97 in Sullivan County, causing the closure of the entire westbound route 17 in that area. 

Aside from the dangerous diesel fuel that spilled out of the tank, the accident resulted in yet another mess—one that has residents of Upstate New York fuming. 

The cargo on this particular rig turned out to have been loaded with trash from New York City, on its way upstate to be offloaded, when the driver lost control and overturned. 

One commenter to a Facebook post of photos of the accident said, “for those who don’t know, this is a garbage hauler bringing NYC garbage upstate to places like Binghamton and Rochester. Gotta love NYC politics, quite literally polluting upstate.

“Gotta love how they drive like maniacs too; kinda thing happens a lot in Binghamton—garbage all over the road.” 

It turns out that the practice of hauling garbage from one place to another is quite common, as another commenter reveals that Canada used to pay the state of Michigan to dump their trash in the state—resulting in a long line of trash-filled trucks across the bridge between U.S. and Canada. 

Every state has its own environmental laws governing what may be dumped and where, a likely reason for all this movement of unwanted trash. 

Photos by: New York State Police and Hillel Lichtenstein - D.H. Kerem

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