Tuesday Tip: Avoid Heavy Summer Traffic

Tuesday Tip: Avoid Heavy Summer Traffic

By Yehudit Garmaise

Whether heading to Monsey or to the Catskills, Boro Parkers are bound to face heavy traffic, but by adhering to a few new practices, drivers can quickly zip to get wherever they need to go.

1. Get out early: “The main secret to avoiding traffic is to leave earlier than planned,” said Zalman, a Boro Park resident. “Even ten extra minutes can make a big difference in avoiding a traffic jam.”

2. Avoid routes that are almost always full of traffic: “Some of the roughest routes will take you to the Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, or the Lincoln Tunnel,” says. “If you have no other options, make sure you schedule extra time, just in case the traffic is bad.”

4. Avoid rush hours: “The toughest times to travel in and out of Manhattan are between 8-9 am and 3-7 pm,” advises. 

5. Stay informed: Check online or tune in on the radio for updates to plan your route so as to avoid heavy traffic.

6. Avoid roads with heavy construction and events, such as concerts and athletic games that will create more traffic. Before you head out, check to see what is going on around your desired destinations. Waze and Google Maps can create the best routes. To keep safe on the road though, “keep your phone out of sight,” Intellishift says. “It’s better to not be tempted by technology,” which causes distracted driving and accidents, G-d forbid.

7. Try to avoid main streets: Waze and Google Maps can create routes that avoid highways and highly trafficked areas. When commuting and driving his children to activities, you may want to avoid main streets and choose residential areas to bypass main throughways.

8. Walk or take the subway if possible: to best beat traffic. 

“If Google Maps tells me my destination is less than a half-hour walk, then I just walk,” said Yochonon, who takes public transportation or a car service for farther trips. While the JFK is easily accessible by subway, to get to other local airports, the lifelong BoroPark resident takes a car service.

9. Create playlists of relaxing music, or listen to an engaging shiur to keep calm while driving.

“It’s easy to get aggravated when sitting in traffic for hours at a time,” Intellishift points out. “Remember: it’s easy to get into accidents when you’re angry.” “Don’t drive aggressively,” said blog.route4me. “Be patient, and take your time.”

10. Above all: stay calm and take it easy. “People often forget to breathe!” said Shoshana. “Air is free, and oxygen is very relaxing. We need to breathe it in much more often!”

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