Tuesday Tip: Organize Your Car to Have Everything Needed

Tuesday Tip: Organize Your Car to  Have Everything Needed

By Yehudit Garmaise

Many drivers use their cars not just as transportation, but as offices, snack rooms, and spaces where children need to be kept safe and entertained.

Along the way, your car's floor, trunk, and glove compartment can collect all sorts of important items that are challenging to find when needed.

Tips to solve that road issues include the following:

1. Take everything out of the glove compartment as a first step toward organizing the car. Then, wipe it out, first with a soapy sponge, followed by just a wet sponge. Then, use a spray cleaner and a towel to finish cleaning. Only keep a few essentials there, such as the car’s registration and owner’s manual. Other options can include a small box of tissues and some snacks.

2. For toys and other children's items that get scattered, use a netted bag for the back seat. Backseat organizers that have many pockets for storage also can fit on the backsides of the front seats, so children can easily take items out as needed.

3. To stay hydrated while on the go, buy an inexpensive travel mug to keep in the car’s cup holder. A good travel mug saves money, prevents waste, and you won’t have to find a parking spot to stop for water or coffee. Make sure the travel mug includes a secure lid, so nothing spills on anyone or on the car’s interior. 

4. Store trash in a waterproof car trash bin with a plastic liner that gets emptied frequently.

5.    Once a week, take a handheld vacuum cleaner to pick up debris, while scanning the floor for lost items. Additionally, use a cleaning spray and a towel or wipe, and wipe down the steering wheel and other car surfaces.

6.    Set up the trunk for maximum storage when necessary by buying a car trunk organizer and divider in which you can place groceries and store water bottles, blankets, beach toys, car supplies, safety items, and other similar items one might need while out. For longer car trips, some trunk organizers come with insulated sections for keeping refrigerated items cold.

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