Weekend Weather: Boro Park Weather Outlook for Friday/Shabbos (11/12-13)

Weekend Weather: Boro Park Weather Outlook for Friday/Shabbos (11/12-13)

Windy rain Friday; Colder Temps Ahead


Friday: Building on light rain and increased winds overnight—stronger rain and wind will come into the area between 9:00 and 3:00 p.m., approximately. A thunderstorm is possible. Leftover winds will remain here into Shabbos, even as the skies clear up. And that’s when we will see a drop in temperatures.

Shabbos: Sunny and clear in the morning, while the cold weather remains with us (40’s and 50’s), and then turning cloudy. A chance of showers on Shabbos midday. Gusty winds up to 30 MPH continue.

Temperatures will continue to drop in the early part of next week.

This entire system—the wind, the cold, and the rain— comes to us from a storm which is now over the Great Lakes (Northwest of us; Canada and Northern U.S.)

Wishing you a gut Shabbos.

Yaker Biegeleisen is a born-and-bred Boro Parker and an avid weather enthusiast. He resides here with his family and provides weather insights and outlooks for Boropark24

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