With Gubernatorial Primaries Approaching, Governor Kathy Hochul Tours Eichlers of Boro Park and 13th Ave. Amid Visit to the Jewish Community

With Gubernatorial Primaries Approaching, Governor Kathy Hochul Tours Eichlers of Boro Park and 13th Ave. Amid Visit to the Jewish Community

Boro Park residents greeted Governor Kathy Hochul with an outpouring of support and tangible excitement on Monday as she toured the 13th Avenue’s shopping corridor, notably stopping at the iconic Eichler’s Judaica.

With Election Day drawing closer, Gov. Hochul paid a visit to the community with whom she has had a friendly and cordial relationship since well before she assumed the position as New York Governor in August of 2021.

During her visit, Hochul addressed important community matters with leaders and activists, and stopping at Eichler’s, showed interest in Jewish children’s books as well as several notable biographies. The governor discussed The Lioness, a biography of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, with great interest. “Here we have the lioness of NY,” Mordy Getz quipped during the conversation.

Hochul also showed interest in the newly released biography, The Redhead of Auschwitz, which recounts the tale of a Holocaust survivor who just died. In her nineties, she did a book signing at Eichlers of Boro Park. The conversation was notable as Hochul has in the past been an outspoken advocate for Holocaust survivors, showing respect, defending their legacy, and allocating funds to the needs of survivors. 

The governor took this opportunity to again express her steadfast belief that hate antisemitism and racism should be eradicated and that the youth should be educated about its dangers early on.

Rabbi Abe Friedman, a community organizer, encouraged the gathered crowds to go out and vote. Friedman pointed out that Hochul has in the past helped Yeshivas and shuls receive funds for improved security. “The Gov. always mobilizes the state police to take action immediately after an attack,” Friedman added.

Hochul then proceeded to inquire whether the community is recovering well from the pandemic and if there are any employment issues. The governor also discussed several additional community matters before requesting that attendees go out and vote.

Mordy Getz, community leader and the owner of Eichlers, pointed out that the Governor will win this election, and we should vote so we are part of this amazing movement to show appreciation!

Among the notable community members who attended the visit were District Leader David Schwartz, Business Leader Ben Barber, CEO of the Friedlander Group Ezra Friedlander, District Leader Candidate Pinny Ringel, and Vice President of Tri-State Commercial Realty Dov Bleich.  

Photo Credit: Dovid Jaroslawicz/BP24

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