Work Zone Awareness Week

Work Zone Awareness Week

By Idy Perl

Governor Kathy Hochul announced an initiative, Work Zone Week, which will take place April 15 through April 19 across New York State. The slogan for Work Zone week, “Work Zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever” aims to bring awareness about driver safety in work zones. 

The State Department of Transportation will be launching a social media campaign to raise awareness about the dangers highway workers face everyday in their work zones. In addition, they will be continuing “Operation Hardhat,” an enforcement program in which law enforcement dress as highway workers to identify and cite drivers who don’t follow the work zone laws when passing by. 

“New Yorkers owe our highway workers a debt of gratitude for the work that they do to keep our roadways functional and safe,” Governor Hochul said in a statement. “The easiest way we can thank them is by driving safely through work zones and giving them plenty of space, making sure that they get home to their families every day. I call on all New Yorkers to recognize the importance of highway workers as we commemorate National Work Zone Awareness Week.”

At the Governor’s direction, state landmarks will be lit in orange on Wednesday, April 17, in honor of highway workers across New York State.

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