Yanky Grossinger’s Sudden Passing throws Klal Yisroel into Shocked Mourning (Live Link to Levaya)

Yanky Grossinger’s Sudden Passing  throws Klal Yisroel into Shocked Mourning (Live Link to Levaya)

By: Boropark24 Staff 

Klal Yisroel around the world—and in particular, in the communities of Boro Park and Monsey— remains dazed in the aftermath of the passing of Yanky Grossinger, 23, of Boro Park, weeks before his was to be married. An incomprehensible tragedy. 

Yanky was born and raised in Boro Park. His parents are Hershy and Breindy Grossinger. Friends and acquaintances describe the home as one steeped in chessed and ahavas Yisroel. Indeed, Yanky was shaped into an exceptional young man, with goals in his avodas Hashem which he pursued tenaciously.    

He was learning in Eretz Yisroel, where he shteiging in the “Geldzhaler Chaburah” in the Mir, of which he was a pillar. He spent summers in Camp Karlin Stolin, where he stood out for his middos and his simchas hachaim, leaving an indelible impression upon his campers. 

He had been engaged to Chana Miriam, the daughter of Reb Yoeli Lebovitz, a well-known personality in Monsey and beyond, the son of the Niklosburger Rebbe. The family had just suffered the terrible loss of their brother, Yidy Lebovitz, to Covid. 

Yanky, z”l, was scheduled to return to the United States this morning, to prepare joyfully for his wedding. But this was tragically not to be. He contracted walking pneumonia in recent days, and was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday with complications from the illness. He returned his neshomoh to its Maker in the early hours of Wednesday, throwing his family, his kallah, the Lebovitz family of Monsey, and scores of friends and admirers who are shocked beyond belief. 

The levaya is taking place in these moments in Yerushalayim, with the presence of his parents who were preparing to welcome him home today. He will be laid to rest in Yerushalayim. 

Yehi Zichro Baruch, and may Yanky petition the kisei hakovod for a swift end to this terrible galus and its suffering. 

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