Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik President of Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island Conducts the Assembly Session Invocation

Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik President of Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island Conducts the Assembly Session Invocation

On Monday, February 3, 2020, Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, president of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island had the honor to conduct the invocation, opening Monday’s Assembly session. The moral of the prayer focused on keeping all our communities safe from the escalation of hate crimes and how important it is for all denominations to stand together against hate, bigotry, anti-Semitism and divisiveness.

Exerts of Rabbi Mirocznik’s Invocation, “…You see, I stand before you as a son of Holocaust survivors. My parents witnessed the extermination of their family and endured unspeakable horrors during the war. After the war, my parents emigrated to these United States of America where they reestablished themselves as responsible citizens, rebuilt a family while remaining faithful to their tradition and heritage. My parents are proud that their son has been invited to deliver the invocation opening this session of the New York State Assembly. I am certain that during the war years they never would have imagined such a possibility. If for no other reason, I express my gratitude for having the privilege and honor to pray with you today and to humbly reflect to you the importance of your roles in being a part of the freedom, tolerance, and democracy which we as Americans cherish and should never take for granted.

“Dear G-d of us all, we ask for your blessings upon the Speaker of the House, its leaders, and upon its members and hardworking staff.

“May You bless them with your guidance, insight, and wisdom to do their work for the good and benefit of the people of our state–especially now when we face and confront the rise of hate, bigotry and ant-Semitism.

“May all the members and their hard-working staff work together and have the heart and the mind to accomplish Your will to make our state a better place for all people.

“May G-d empower all of you and your hard-working staff to carry out your good intents and pronounce laws that will safeguard our lives and the lives of our children.

“And all of those who occupy themselves faithfully with communal affairs, may the Holy One, blessed be He, give them their reward, remove from them and their loved ones all sickness, heal their entire body, pardon all of their sins, and send blessing and success to all their endeavors. And let us say, Amen.”

Assemblyman Charles Fall who invited Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik was joined with Assemblyman Michael Cusick, the Dean of the Staten Island Legislative Delegation, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, and Assemblyman Michael Reilly in welcoming and hosting Rabbi Mirocznik.


Assemblyman Fall recognized Rabbi Mirocznik as an important Staten Island leader who is dedicated in working together with the Legislative Delegation for the purpose of improving Staten Island for all its inhabitants. Assemblyman Fall accredited Rabbi Mirocznik’s outreach and work with COJO that has helped bring many diverse people together and by doing so he has helped formed alliances and friendship that works to improve Staten Island and bring fellowship to all those who reside in Staten Island.

Assemblyman Michael Cusick stated, “In these troubling times, it takes courage and leadership to achieve results. Mendy Mirocznik has the vision and foresight of working with mutual respect with all those who he encounters. That respect opens lines of communication which are crucial in these trying times. We in Staten Island are fortunate to have Rabb Mirocznik and we are the beneficiaries of his youthful energetic energy which makes us proud.

Rabbi Dovid Katz, Menahel of the Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim, which Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, also serves as Executive Vice-President stated, “It is a great Kiddish Hashem and Kovod for the Igud HaRabbonim that our highly respected Executive Vice-President Rabbi Mirocznik made the Invocation at the New York State Assembly. We at the Igud HaRabbonim are proud of Rabbi Mirocznik. Rabbi Mirocznik is a true Ben Torah and a person who lives to help the community 24/7, he known no rest. His dedication to Klal Yisroel is his main concern. We Daven that his invocation be a Zichus for our community.”

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