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Watch: Isaac Honig Medley – Yossi Lebowitz

Growing up in Williamsburg Brooklyn, we all enjoyed and continue to enjoy the beautiful melodies sung by the great Chasidic singer Isaac Honig. Singing his songs at Kumzitzs, Sheva Brachos & countless other Simches over the last couple of years, I felt it was time to release this stunning collection of some of Isaac’s most beloved songs.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy, as the attendees did at this beautiful Bar Mitzvah.

Musicians: Keyboard/ Backup Vocals:

Yumi Gelb

Guitar/ Backup Vocals:

Yidel Rosenfeld Percussion/ Backup Vocals:

Meir Leffler Sound & Lighting:

Greenfeld Productions Mixed by:

Avrumi Berko Video:

BenHesh Studios Press:

The Marketing Tree Songs:

Kadesh A Yiddele Rachem Ki Lashem

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