Fruits on 15th — An Alternative to Processed Food

By David  J. Glenn 

What did you have for lunch today?

Pizza? A burger with fries? A frank?

Whatever it was,.... read more

Snapshot: Tip Top Helps 'Finish The Look'

Women in the Jewish communities of Boro Park and elsewhere many times face a difficulty in buying clothes:

Even in Jewish stores, hems and.... read more

Snapshot: Freunds — A Family Store For Families

By David J. Glenn 

If — especially after Covid — you have gotten used to ordering men's and children's clothing online, you may.... read more

Snapshot: Craft N Color — Your Child's Favorite Place

By David J. Glenn

Imagine you're stuck at home on a rainy Sunday afternoon with four little children climbing the walls (sometimes.... read more

Snapshot: Candy Man on 13th - Sweetening Boro Park for 50 years

By David J. Glenn 

In the years that the Owners have been working for and then owning Candy Man on 13th Avenue - the store in the same.... read more

Snapshot: Corner Café Comes Back in Time for the Erev Pesach Rush

by YS Gold

Corner Café has been an iconic eatery located at the.... read more

Snapshot: River Cafe Offers Elegant Respite for Visitors to Chasam Sofer's Kever

By  David J. Glenn

Until recently, the hundreds of people coming daily to visit or daven at the gravesite  of the Chasam.... read more

Snapshot: Luxury Linens - Customized To Your Taste

By David J. Glenn

"We'll customize the entire bedroom — quilts, dust ruffles, pillows, bedding, towels," said.... read more

Snapshot: Offering Flowers Online is 'an Intricate Business'

By David J. Glenn

Going from buying and selling real estate to selling flowers online may seem like a huge transition, but it was no.... read more

Snapshot: A little bit of Country in Boro Park

By David J. Glenn 

As soon as you open the glass door to Country Bagels and Bakery at 4023 13th Ave., you're enveloped in the aroma.... read more

Snapshot: Yamulkes, Talisim, Seforim - and Service

By David J. Glenn

Shloimy Mossberg was working for several years at a Hebrew publishing company when he decided to go out on his.... read more

Snapshot: M&S can't be copied

By David J. Glenn

Back in the day, making a copy of a document meant using carbon paper, or operating a mimeograph machine (You say you.... read more

13th Avenue shop offers a 'splendid' way to spruce up clothes

By David J. Glenn 

At first glance, passersby at Sew Splendid might think the sign displays a misspelling of "so." But all they.... read more

Snapshot: Today's food is the root of diseases, says Nutritionist

By David J. Glenn

Klal Yisroel is suffering.

When nutritionist Eliezer Gruber states this, he's not citing the current rise in.... read more

Snapshot: At Benny's, eating out is like being 'a guest at our home'

By David J. Glenn

If you could make fresh, kosher pizza with all kinds of toppings, along with calzones, falafel balls, and the array of.... read more

Snapshot: Seforim for All

By David J. Glenn

Avi had just been honored with his bar-mitzvah. He read the parsha flawlessly, and enjoyed the simcha with all his.... read more

Snapshot: Joy in Motion Lives up to Its Name

David J. Glenn 

When Volodymyr Gelias emigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine, it was several.... read more

Snapshot: Making phones smart enough to follow Torah values

By David J. Glenn

It's really hard nowadays to find anyone above the age of 18 who does not have a cell phone. And even harder to find any.... read more