Snapshot: Today's food is the root of diseases, says Nutritionist

By David J. GlennKlal Yisroel is suffering.When nutritionist Eliezer Gruber states this, he's not citing the current rise in.... read more

Snapshot: At Benny's, eating out is like being 'a guest at our home'

By David J. GlennIf you could make fresh, kosher pizza with all kinds of toppings, along with calzones, falafel balls, and the array of.... read more

Snapshot: Seforim for All

By David J. GlennAvi had just been honored with his bar-mitzvah. He read the parsha flawlessly, and enjoyed the simcha with all his.... read more

Snapshot: Joy in Motion Lives up to Its Name

David J. Glenn When Volodymyr Gelias emigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine, it was several.... read more

Snapshot: Making phones smart enough to follow Torah values

By David J. GlennIt's really hard nowadays to find anyone above the age of 18 who does not have a cell phone. And even harder to find any.... read more

Double Play 'specializes' in customer service

By David  J. Glenn When Double Play Toys opened at 4115 14th Ave., 25 years ago, it was just the beginning of the Digital.... read more

Snapshot: Do-All Does It All for Travelers

By David  J. GlennShlomo Geiger decided a half-century ago to open a travel agency because it was "something that was interesting," he.... read more

Snapshot: Air Seal Insulation Systems and National Grid Provide Cutting Edge Insulation at No Cost

By Yehudit GarmaiseDo you keep turning up the heat on your thermostat, only to find that you still want to keep on your coat in your.... read more

Snapshot: Mostly Music Provides Boro Park Homes With Kosher Entertainment

By David J. Glenn613 Torah Avenue, The Twins on the Roof, and Words Once Spoken are among the hundreds of Torahdik.... read more

Snapshot: Last Newsstand in BP Remains on 13th Ave and 49th St

By David J. GlennRemember newsstands? You know, those rectangular wooden enclosures staffed by an individual selling everything from.... read more

Sewing Teacher Instructs Girls on how to Make their Own Repairs, Create their own Masterpieces

By Yehudit GarmaiseInstead of running to a seamstress every time a skirt’s hem needs to be repaired or a dress needs an alteration, why.... read more

Snapshot: Toys 2 Discover Stresses Torah Values

By David J. GlennWhen Yonason Schwartz started Toys 2 Discover 17 years ago, he didn't think he'd eventually have three other stores.... read more

Snapshot: Quick Fix Mobile Tire Repair

Many car owners neglect the condition of their vehicles due to laziness. After all, keeping your vehicle in shape is not the most enjoyable task..... read more

Snapshot: Photo Island Studio provides high end photography for Low Prices

By: Yehuda Alter  Volvi Mandel is a young entrepreneur. He opened the Photo Island Studio in a storefront on 4512 11th Avenue,.... read more

Enod’s Better Men's wear coming to Boro Park.

Pristine white shirts, pressed black pants, and soft folded sweaters are stacked neatly on the shelves of Enod, a men’s clothing store waiting.... read more

Explore with Explorit

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Concierge, Second Home Management

(TF)When your weekend home becomes a burden, it’s time to meet Concierge. As a premium home management, Concierge offers a variety of.... read more

Beyond the Candy Bar: How Nosher’s Delight has been Sweetening the Days of Boro Parkers for Close to Half-a-Century

By: Yehuda AlterForty five years ago, when Boro Park was a very different place—certainly.... read more