Sewing Teacher Instructs Girls on how to Make their Own Repairs, Create their own Masterpieces

By Yehudit GarmaiseInstead of running to a seamstress every time a skirt’s hem needs to be repaired or a dress needs an alteration, why not learn.... read more

Snapshot: Toys 2 Discover Stresses Torah Values

By David J. GlennWhen Yonason Schwartz started Toys 2 Discover 17 years ago, he didn't think he'd eventually have three other stores spanning.... read more

Snapshot: Quick Fix Mobile Tire Repair

Many car owners neglect the condition of their vehicles due to laziness. After all, keeping your vehicle in shape is not the most enjoyable task. It.... read more

Snapshot: Photo Island Studio provides high end photography for Low Prices

By: Yehuda Alter  Volvi Mandel is a young entrepreneur. He opened the Photo Island Studio in a storefront on 4512 11th Avenue, and.... read more

Enod’s Better Men's wear coming to Boro Park.

Pristine white shirts, pressed black pants, and soft folded sweaters are stacked neatly on the shelves of Enod, a men’s clothing store waiting to.... read more

Explore with Explorit

(TF)Need a vacay?Flying away?Searching all dayFor the perfect stay?No need to fretI’m glad we have metWe’re Explorit, your betLet me show you.... read more

Concierge, Second Home Management

(TF)When your weekend home becomes a burden, it’s time to meet Concierge. As a premium home management, Concierge offers a variety of services to.... read more

Beyond the Candy Bar: How Nosher’s Delight has been Sweetening the Days of Boro Parkers for Close to Half-a-Century

By: Yehuda AlterForty five years ago, when Boro Park was a very different place—certainly on 15th Avenue in the low 40’s, where.... read more

Behind the Workings of Mr. Super Handyman

From as young an age as 6 or 7, Meyer Fried was already experimenting with his nimble hands. The art of taking things apart and putting them back.... read more

An Upscale Tour of Urbana

Serene and rustic vibes envelop the diners at Urbana’s restaurant as elegant and delectable dishes are doled out. Each dish is meticulously.... read more

Jus by Julie Invites Boro Park to Its Opening Doors

By Toby FriedmanThe well-known and beloved Jus by Julie is about to make its debut on the streets of 13th Ave. As its seventh location, the.... read more

A Peek Into Funtastic!

A joyful, playful vibe greets you as soon as you walk into Funtastic, Raizy Pavlov’s talent school for girls and boys. Gymnastics, Ballet, Art,.... read more

Adora, the Baby Brand

By Toby FriedmanAdora is a trademark that brings everyday infant products to a whole new level. The brand known for its dainty line of baby goods has.... read more

Health Emporium's Advice for Post Chanukah Nutritional Balance and Weight Loss

After partying for eight days we are all looking to find nutritional balance and a way to shed those extra few “Chanukah pounds.” The Health.... read more

Behind the Donut Scene at Weiss Bakery

By Toby FriedmanTo many Chanukah is associated with celebration, family, and song. To some, it's linked with vacation and fun. Let's take a look and.... read more

Quality Carpet One Floor & Home Provides Parking, Attentive Customer Care, and Limitless Choices

By Yehudit GarmaiseQuality Carpet One Floor & Home has been covering the floors of Boro Park homes for 56 years, but last year, the popular.... read more

Supreme Lighting Maximizes the Power of Light

By Yehudit Garmaise     Do you feel that your home is too dark, but you are not ready to make major renovations?   .... read more

Hobbyhouse Comes to Boro Park: Provides Relaxing, Vibrant, and Creative Fun

By Yehudit Garmaise      Sitting at a table surrounded by Laya Heilpern’s signature pink and yellow walls, while upbeat Jewish music.... read more