Snapshot: Air Seal Insulation Systems and National Grid Provide Cutting Edge Insulation at No Cost

Snapshot: Air Seal Insulation Systems and National Grid Provide Cutting Edge Insulation at No Cost

By Yehudit Garmaise

Do you keep turning up the heat on your thermostat, only to find that you still want to keep on your coat in your home?

As winter blows in, New Yorkers can stay nice and toasty at home, while reducing their utility bills by 50%, by taking part a new program that is offered by National Grid. 

In March, National Grid rolled out its program, “Total Home Comfort,” which covers most, and sometimes all, of the costs involved in the installation of the most energy-efficient insulation.

National Grid, which has a goal to go carbon-free by 2050, is offering its generous program to help existing customers reduce their usage of gas.

While fiberglass insulation can only provide 70% protection from extreme weather, now a polyurethane spray foam provides insulation that provides 100% protection the outside air. 

Spray foam insulation is much more efficient “because it expands after workers spray it, to completely cover whatever drafts might come in behind the walls, explained Joel Berkowitz, an account manager at Air Seal Insulation Systems, the largest spray foam installer in the tri-state area. “Spray foam is a definite upgrade: the best type of insulation that keeps utility bills down year-round.” 

Air Seal, which has been in business for 20 years, has provided hundreds of local homes with spray foam insulation paid for by National Grid, since Pesach.

“Our customers couldn’t be happier, warmer, and saving more money on their utility bills,” said Berkowitz, who is a Boro Park native.

Re-insulating just an attic can cost between $5,000 and $10,000, said Berkowitz, who pointed out that while usually uninhabited, attics are the most important part of homes to insulate.

“If you don’t insulate your attic, you are just paying to heat the whole street because heat rises and will just escape through the rooves of uninsulated attics,” Berkowitz tells his customers.

“To get their homes sprayed with premium insulation, thanks to National Grid, all New Yorkers have to is do is fill out a simple form that takes five minutes to complete,” Berkowitz said.

To be eligible to apply for the Comfort Home Program, customers must have a National Grid residential account for gas heating, and no more than four families can live in the same building.

In addition, customers’ homes must have been built before 2007, when many homes were built with poor insulation: or no insulation at all.

“The spray foam seals up everything nice and tight to keep houses warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” Berkowitz told BoroPark24.

Every day, from offices in Lakewood, Flatbush, and Long Island, Air Seal sends out 20 trucks to do the re-insulation work that usually takes only one day.

The best part of the spray foam is that it lasts forever. 

“Spray foam insulation requires no upkeep,” Berkowitz said. “Once it is installed,  nothing is going to happen to it. It doesn’t crumble. It is like a durable piece of plastic that will remain there for a lifetime.”

“Anytime is a good time for New Yorkers to arrange for new insulation: especially with National Grid’s program that pays for most of the work,” Berkowitz said. “We can re-do the walls, the crawlspace, and the attic, through which without proper insulation, most heat rises and escapes.

“Applying spray foam to these areas will make huge differences, such as by saving customers up to 50% savings on their utility bills, and of course, by making residents much more comfortable in any weather.”

New Yorkers who are interested in new, energy-efficient insulation that is paid for by National Grid can call Air Seal at (718) 821-6800.

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