Inflation Spiked 7.5% Compared to Last January: a 40-Year High

By Yehudit GarmaisePrices skyrocketed 7.5% in January, when inflation spiked the largest increase from the previous year: since February 1982, the US.... read more

BDE: Former Politician Sheldon Silver Dies while Serving out his Prison Sentence

(TF)Former Democratic Politian Sheldon Silver who served as Speaker of the New York State Assembly until he was convicted of federal charges, has.... read more

Former President Trump Swipes at Gov. DeSantis, who Doesn’t Sound too Worried

By Yehudit GarmaiseFormer President Donald Trump, who lives in mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, in the southern part of the state, and Gov. Ron.... read more

Bed, Bath & Beyond to Close Seven New York Locations by End of February

By Yehudit GarmaiseAmong the 37 Bed Bath & Beyond stores that are permanently closing nationwide by the end of February due to plummeting sales,.... read more

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Turns a Blind Eye on Crimes

By Toby FriedmanAlvin Bragg, sworn in as Manhattan District Attorney on Jan. 1, expressed to his staff that he does not intend to prosecute certain.... read more

Mayor-elect Eric Adams Supports Yeshiva Education, says he will be “Culturally Sensitive”

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter a number of different organizations with different hashkafos regarding yeshiva education sent Eric Adams, in the last few.... read more

News Sparks: Israeli PM Bennett Made First Official Visit to UAE; Languages Other than English and Spanish Spoken at Home in the US Continue to Increase; Plants “Scream”

By Yehudit GarmaisePrime Minister Bennett is Welcomed in Dubai, in First Diplomatic Visit by an Israeli Leader Israeli Prime Minister Naftali.... read more

Gov. Kathy Hochul says, “Omicron is coming,” Prepares State’s Hospitals for Possible Influx of Patients

by Yehudit Garmaise“While the new Omicron variant has yet to be detected in New York State: it's coming,” said Gov. Kathy.... read more

Gov. Kathy Hochul Says MTA Fare Hikes are Off the Table Because of “Long Overdue” Infrastructure Bill

By Yehudit GarmaiseGov. Kathy Hochul announced that President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which includes $621 billion for.... read more

Mayor Supports Brooklyn Democratic Chair Assemblywoman Bichotte-Hermelyn, as Party Leaders Call for her Resignation

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhen Edu Hermelyn, the district leader of the 43rd Assembly, used inappropriate language during a Zoom meeting of the Brooklyn.... read more

Subway Ridership is Up, Crime on the Rails is Down, according to the NYPD

By Yehudit GarmaiseMore New Yorkers are heading to the subway, and crime on the transit system is down, according, to NYPD records that are expected.... read more

NYC Vaccinates 62,000 5 to 11-Year-Olds in One Week, Vaccination Sites at Every Public School

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter just one week, New York City has administered 62,000 vaccination doses for 5 to 11-years-old in New York City, Mayor Bill de.... read more

News Sparks: Teenage Shul Arsonist Charged, BLM Leader Threatens Adams with "Riots" if He Returns to Tougher Policing

By Yehudit GarmaiseTeen Charged After Setting Shul on Fire in Austin, TexasAn 18-year old boy, Franklin Barrett Secriest, has been arrested and.... read more

Mayor and Governor Launch Initiatives to Better Support and Honor New York’s Veterans

By Yehudit GarmaiseAt the Veterans Day Breakfast in New York City, this morning, Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose father served in the US Army during.... read more

News Sparks: Dead New Yorkers Register to Mail-In Ballots

BOE Declares Invalid the Votes of Dead Democrats, who are Voting by Mail For Brannan Republican Brian Fox is leading, in an extremely tight.... read more

Mayor de Blasio Denies He is Leaving the City in Disarray, Says, “New York is Coming Back Strong”

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhen Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked how he would respond to the idea that many New Yorkers feel that the city, at the end of his.... read more

Gov. Hochul Provides $100 Million to Bring Back Tourism Industry, Jobs in New York

By Yehudit GarmaiseOn the day when the US welcomes back international travelers from 30 different countries, after nearly two years of American.... read more

NYC to Provide Four Hours Paid Sick Leave for City Workers to Get their Children Vaccinated

By Yehudit GarmaiseMayor Bill de Blasio announced this morning that starting today, all city workers and contractors will have an additional four.... read more